Finding Usable Digital Data – From Old Books

Digital Humanities scholarship thrives when sources are accessible and unrestricted. This blog details the contents of six different sites that offer a blend of open and restricted materials.

  • From Old Books
  • Each image includes metadata with the collector’s assessment of the work’s rights status. Low-resolution images are open. For example, Choral Recital with the organ (Rouam, J. (ed.): “Musée Artistique et Littéraire, Le,” 1880) appears with the following notice: “Stock image royalty-free for non-commercial uses only, usage credit required. Please do not redistribute without permission, since running this site is expensive.”
Choral Recital with the organ, Rouam, J. (ed.): “Musée Artistique et Littéraire, Le” (1880) at
  • The Canadian book collector who started this website wants to share the art from “old books.” There are more than 4,100 free images from old, rare, antique, and vintage books as well as some sheet music.  Many are from nineteenth-century England and Germany. Visitors can buy high-resolution images of the art.  The site is searchable. There are also thumbnails and a list of works that visitors can browse.
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