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Grace Covell Hall


This project features Grace Covell Hall, a residence and dining hall located on 720 Presidents Drive on the Stockton campus of University of the Pacific. Funded by Grace Covell, a notable member of Pacific's Board of Trustees, the women's residence hall was renamed and rebuilt in her name due to the students' discontent on the building's lack of individuality. She was also responsible for underwriting a large portion of the $1,575,000 structure’s cost, which was usually managed by the Home Finance Agency of the federal government.

Pacific Alumni Association, "Pacific Review March 1960 (Bulletin of the College of the Pacific)" (1960). Pacific Magazine and Pacific Review. 165. (first mention of Grace Covell)

University of the Pacific, "Pacific Weekly, October 7, 1960" (1960). All Issues - Student Newspaper, The Pacifican, Pacific Weekly. 1149. (first hand reviews of the newly renovated Grace Covell Hall) 

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STEM at UoP: Few & Far In-Between

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This exhibit is a investigation into the strangely small relative class sizes and enrollment figure of STEM related material hosted at University of the Pacific.

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