Finding Usable Digital Data – NASA Commons on Flickr

Digital Humanities scholarship thrives when sources are accessible and unrestricted. This blog details the contents of six different sites that offer a blend of open and restricted materials.

  • NASA on the Commons
  • For the rights statements, see
  • For the Flickr commons policy, see
  • Nasa on the Commons provides a photo stream and photo gallery of images generated by the federal space agency.  Viewers are invited to tag and comment on the images to increase their searchability.  Photographs are organized in over 125 albums with themes like artistically interesting images, astronauts, black history month, Hispanic heritage month, the James Webb Telescope, the Space Shuttle Columbia, and women of NASA. A favorites gallery allows viewers to view the most-viewed images. Because images are created by the federal government or its employees as part of NASA work, they are in the public domain.
  • PD_images PD_photographs PD_federal sources
Christa McAuliffe in Training
Christa McAuliffe in Training, Image Number: S86-25196, Date: January 8, 1986.

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