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Bill Gleeson.png
John Ballantyne Hall's Council nominated Bill Gleason for Homecoming Queen. Gleason was the first male candidate for Homecoming Queen. Read his story and learn about what the Homecoming Court meant to Pacific students at the height of second-wave…

A photograph of an American soldier seated in a trench with a rifle reading a book.

A comparison of the top STEM schools of California based on popularity by year.

Pacific Weekly Apr. 18th 1917 First Enlistees.png
A newspaper clipping describing the first group of Pacific students to enlist in the military.

Ennis Letter.pdf
Letter of Michele Ennis nominating Sally Miller to receive the award

Hensley Letter.pdf
The Dean is writing a letter in hopes Sally Miller is nominated for a teaching award.

Peterson Letter.pdf
Kathleen Peterson describes Miller's engaging teaching style and how Miller was always available to help students.

SJMN April 6th 1917 clipping.jpg
A newspaper clipping of the April 6th, 1917 headline describing the U.S. Declaration of War on Germany
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