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Introduction to Sally Miller

Sally miller photo.pdf

This black and white photo of Sally Miller is from 1977. There are two physical copies of this photo with "SALLY M. MILLER, 1977" written on the back in the University of the Pacific Holt-Atherton Special Collections. These photos offer another look at Miller's life and suggest what she might have worn while teaching at UOP.

The story of Sally Miller, the first tenured social science Professor at the College of the Pacific, and the impact she made on students, colleagues, and the community. 

According to the Harvard Magazine, in the early 70s women made up only 23% of full-time faculty in the United States. This number is now 36%. So there clearly has been an increase in the amount of women who are faculty members, but we still have work to do. 

Sally Miller experienced what it was like to be one of the few women who were faculty members at Pacific during her time as a professor. She also witnessed changes at Pacific while she was here. 

Look through this exhibit and uncover the story of Sally Miller's time as a professor at UOP and how she helped change the University for the better. 

Introduction to Sally Miller